2iM Inteligência Médica

Evaluation of Provider Networks

Evaluation of Value produced by hospital networks and medical services. It is indicated for Hospital Associations, Health Insurance Companies and SUS.

Features and Benefits

Value Score Parameters

Associations or networks of providers may have a criterion for assessing value through the EVS – Health Value Score, which will allow comparability of providers within pre-established parameters.

Horizontal Comparative Analysis

The evaluation will have a horizontal perspective, that is, a comparative view between hospitals with similar features. Based on this comparability, it will be possible to establish relationship programs, the application of incentives based on Value, or simply generate benchmark for the participating suppliers.

EVS – Health Value Score

The EVS – Health Value Score is a methodology that permeates all solutions based on the 2iM.Analytics platform.

It represents a score that links the Quality Index (QI) with the Cost Index (CI), obtained during the evaluation process in a given period.

This score is formed from a set of standardized indicators for the Brazilian market, within the different areas of activity (e.g. Hospitals, Clinical Staff, Cooperative Doctors, Clinical Conditions, among others).

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